VD-580-PS/ 680 PS has been designed and manufactured by VD Intellisys Technologies P Ltd after thorough research. This product is suitable for bonding of FPC, COF, TAB and LCD panel and PCB. This machine is used across the world and widely popular among LCD repair technicians and manufacturers of TVs.

Equipment Model NoVD-580-PS/VD-680-PS
Manufacturer CompanyVD Intellisys Technologies Pvt Ltd
Device DescriptionScreen Repair Machine/Bonding Machine
Equipment Features1. Different operating modes
2. Accurate heating algorithm.
3. Slider based pneumatic system for accuracy
4. Vacuum Adsorption inbuilt
5. Inbuilt backlight
Device usageThis product is used in a variety of FPC, COF, TAB and LCD Panel and PCB bonding.It can solve LCD vertical, horizontal, vertical band, horizontal belt and black belt and many such problems
Applicable LCD panel Specifications6 ''-85''
Applicable LCD panel Thickness0.3mm-1.1 mm [Single Glass]
Bonding directionX or Y unidirectional Bonding Head Bit size Replaceable blade according to IC specifications. The original machine is equipped with 45x1.5x10
Device Processing TimeTFT: 3.8s/chip
Production capacityTAB ,100pc /HR
Bonding AccuracyWithin ± 1.5μm (Support 4K screen)
Highest positioning accuracy setting± 0.5μm (Currently the highest precision index available in world)
Environmental requirementsClean, No dust, Clean room
Power Supply AC 220V±10%,50/60 HZ,3500W
Cylinder Device Japanese SMC original thin cylinder
Pressure SystemsSMC pressure system combined with VD Technologies
Heating Type Pulse (rapid heating / cooling and auxiliary cooling function)
PID Temperature Control systemAdjustable heating curve, Precision PID self-tuning type of Delta
The peak temperature : within +/- 3 degrees Celsius
Room temperature to 180 degrees, the response time within 2-3 seconds
Hot pressingMaterials: Japanese Titanium head
Origin: United States
Plane precision (hot press side): 0.001mm
Plane thickness 0.5 (Reserved 3 times grinding)
Thermocouple Type K type Original US OMEGA wire
Industrial control units/ProgrammerSIEMENS/PANASONIC/DELTA PLC
Touch unitDELTA touch screen
Image unitCOF counterpoint: down counterpoint
Number of camera : 2
Microscopy: 30-120 Continuous zoom
COF Display: 19-inch HD
Provision of upper light source
COF Alignment UnitOrigin: Taiwan Rail Type: U-rail (2056 high) Accuracy : 0.01
Adjustable direction :X/Y/theta
theta range : Coarse 360 degrees, fine tuning
+/- 5 degrees
COF FixtureCOF mechanical clamping type, Z tilt radius
micrometer motion
Lens spinner unit Control mode: X / Y / Z micrometer control
Focus Adjustment: Manually adjust the focus
Silicone / Teflon Manual switching position
LCD stage (platform) Manual sliding or fixed optional
Alarm device Abnormal pressure/ temperature anomalies /
abnormal thermocouple
Hot press head counterpointCylinder stop can be set at any position in the vertical direction
Control modeTouch screen + button operation
Parameter settingVarious temperature profiles can be saved
Rated voltage180-220 (customizable 110V)
Peak power400-1100W
Maximum power1100W
Actual power580W
Body size1200×1500 ×1800mm(L*W*H)
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