VD-580-PD/ 680 PD has been designed and manufactured by VD Intellisys Technologies P Ltd after thorough research. This product is suitable for bonding of FPC, COF, TAB and LCD panel and PCB. This machine is used across the world and widely popular among LCD repair technicians and manufacturers of TVs.

Equipment Model NoVD-580-PD / VD-680-PD
Device DescriptionScreen Repair Machine/Bonding Machine
Equipment Features1. Different operating modes,
2. Double Head Machine
3. 3 level circuit control
4. Robust design
5. Vacuum Adsorption inbuilt
6. Heavy Weight so no alignment problem
Device usageThis product is used in a variety of FPC,COF, TAB and LCD.Panel and PCB bonding. It can solve LCD vertical, horizontal, vertical band, horizontal
belt and black belt and many such problems
Applicable LCD panel Specifications15 ''-85''
Applicable LCD panel Thickness0.3mm-1.1 mm [Single Glass]
Binding directionX or Y unidirectional
Bonding Head Bit sizeReplaceable blade
according to IC specifications. The original machine is equipped with 45x1.5x10
Cylinder DeviceJapanese SMC original thin