acf bonding machineVD Intellisys Manufactures top quality Acf bonding machine  which can be used in variety of applications and  is designed for LCD/LED  TV repair, which can solve the problem of ACF/COF/TAB fault, the function of VD-680-PS is replacing, bonding, re-bonding COF/TAB on LCD glass and PCB .

We have following models for acf bonding machines :

  1. VD-680-PS Acf bonding machine : Its hugely popular acf bonding machines having sold more than 1200 pcs worlwide. Its single head acf bonding machine.
  2. VD-680-PD  Acf bonding machine: Its double head acf bonding machine also very famous.
  3. VD-580-Ps: We designed economical acf bonding machine to serve small tv centres in Asia and Africa.

 HOW VD-580-PS and VDd-680-PS are better than any other machine ?

  1. High Quality parts used and machine design is tried and tested almost at 1200 places
  2. Our pressure pneumatic system is very fast and speed of head is fast , where in other machines head comes too slow and cannot exert much pressure . We use high quality SMC pneumatics air cylinder, and AIRTAC(Taiwanese parts) . In other machines ,cheap pneumatics parts are used
  3. COF Alignment system is very accurate as we use micrometer head to control motion whereas other machine use simple knob based to align cof
  4. Our software is in house designed , and we have operator /administrator login , also system to control the heating rate is in our software
  5. The parts used in our panel of plc is very high quality.We use heavy electrical protection
  6. Vision system used in VD-680-Ps is much better , as we use XYZ camera
  7. Most of the metals used in the machine are of high quality so overall weight is much higher.
  8. We have vacuum adsorption system inbuilt.
  9. The most obvious advantage is we are the biggest cof supplier in the world having procurement networks direct in BOE,chemei ,etc.